“The only thing standing between you and your goal is the story you keep telling yourself as to why you can't achieve it.”

How I can help you

Being a founder can be a tough (and sometimes lonely) road and everyone needs some help and encouragement from time to time. I provide honest feedback, support and advice to help you navigate the founder journey in a completely confidential setting.

Areas we can work together

💡 You have an idea but aren’t sure if it’s any good

You might be considering leaving your job or deciding whether to dedicate your time, energy and resources to pursue your idea but you’re not sure if it could be a viable business. I’ve worked with many idea stage founders to help them validate the problem they think they’ve identified and test a range of potential solutions using little or no investment. This will help you decide whether this idea is the one you should be pursuing.

💰 You’ve started a business and you need funding

Unfortunately Venture Capital (VC) is still a closed and opaque system and it can be really confusing to navigate if you’re on the outside looking in. I can help you create a clear and achievable fund raising strategy and help you feel confident about the process.

📊 You’ve started fund raising but your deck isn’t landing

VCs see a lot of decks (trust me, I’ve personally reviewed thousands) that means you have up to a minute or two to make an impression. If you’re not getting the response you expect, it could be due to your deck not conveying the message correctly. Together we can create a deck that stands out and makes people excited to meet you.

👩‍💻 You’re not sure how best to pitch

I’ve sat through hundreds of pitch meetings with founders and can tell you the difference between a good meeting and a not-so good meeting is incredible. I can work with you to craft your story and tell it in an exciting and compelling way.

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